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Shrimp Jammers

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I ate at a place called Guilday’s for lunch. I felt like I entered a time warp to 1972, wood paneling and all. It is a little family restaurant right on Rt. 40 just a couple miles from the office. It smells a little bit like a musty attic, but that is part of the charm. The building has a big sign that says “Famous for Steaks.” Cheese steaks that is, much to my disappointment. I had a caesar buffalo shrimp wrap. It was neither “buffalo” nor “caesar”. Apparently, the term “buffalo” refers to the fact that the breading on the fried shrimp was slightly spicy. The “caesar” description must have come from the lettuce. It was just shrimp and lettuce on a tortilla. Now, from myinitial description, you would think that this place was bad. Actually, it wasn’t. Although the atmosphere was slightly dingy and depressing, it had a home cooking feel that was half decent. The fries and beets I got as my side dishes (yeah, I said beets) were pretty good. I left full, and for $6.50, I can’t complain. The low-light of the meal was the “Shrimp Jammers” which was an appetizer (served after our entree). Shrimp Jammers are, hang with me here, fried shrimp jammed with cheese. Not the greatest. When you go to a home cooking style place, don’t order anything called a “Jammer.” In fact, stay away from anything “buffalo” or “caesar.” Still, the place shows some promise, and it looks like they have good breakfast. I’d try it again.

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